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Changes in forum menu signatures and forum mails etc


Changes in forum menu, signatures and forum mails etc.

Dear members,

since we got many request, we made the following changes

1. Navigationbar within the forum

We added in the navigation bar at the top the point "last day" (= postings of the last 24 hours)

2. No signatures anymore

Since our forum is at the same time also a mailing list, the increasing usage of signatures in forum postings makes it harder to read by mail and in the forum. Many users start therefore not paying attention anymore to the help instructins we have at the buttom of each forum-mail or simply oversee the possibility that you can use this forum also as a mailing list and answer by mail. also the subject spamming is an issue in the future here.

So we want to ask you not to use anymore any kind of signatures in your postings. Even if you only read in the forum itself, it is not nice to have a "little las Vegas" at the buttom of each posting

3. New field for your Homepage in your user profile

As an alternative, we have added a new field in your user profile. You can now add a link to your homepage in your profile. Next to the link of your gallery at

If you read this by mail, just click on the link at the buttom of your mail to get to your profile.

4. New Link to the help & FAQ section in mails

We added also now a link at the buttom of each forum-email to the help & FAQ section of your community. So if you have more questions about how to use this forum as a mailing list or other issues, this is the place to go first.

So in total, there are now 4 support links/areas in each forum mail at the buttom of the mail:

1. Instructions for reply-by-email
2. Link to your profile/email settings
3. Link directly to the posting within the forum
4. Link to the Help/FAQ

Of course you can also use in the future the profile and help section directly in the forum by clicking in the navigation bar at the top of the forum

We hope that we could make it even more convenient for you to use this community forum. If you have more suggestions for improvements or totally new ideas, please post it in the suggestion section within the forum.


Your Team