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CFV503CWD performance compared with film

Hi all

I've read with interest about people's experiences with the CFV/503CWD but there's been little if any direct comparison with film. How do the files and prints compare with those made from film? Obviously drum scanned transparencies are going to produce a much larger file, but when re-sized how do the prints compare? I would imagine that the CFV files are much cleaner but how does the level of detail compare?

Any hands on feedback would be gratefully received.

Due to the software switch of this forum , your thread obviously had no attention . Sorry for that .

I shoot on film , shoot with the CFV back and use a MICROTEK F1 scanner in addition .

My experience with the CFV is (and it seems to be the same for any other digital back) as soon as you shoot portraits , they turn out to be very flat .
I call that the Madame Toussod Wax Figure Cabinet effect . If you look at VICTOR BY HASSELBLAD , you will know what I mean .
All other subjects turn out rather good .
The largest size I produce , due to my printers , has a width of 43 cms .
No problem with the data obtained by the CFV back . I also use Genuine Fractals (newest version) and am happy , with what I can produce in my computer lab .
My recently installed scanner , MICROTEK F1 delivers excellent input as well .

I have come to a point , where I do not want to go for even more and more quality , which most people do not recognized anyway , but I want to produce images with a very good quality . No further experiments at the current state .

I believe , that with the equipment I have , I now finally can replace my darkroom work . I sold all darkroom gear before it does not bring any money any more .

Regards Jürgen