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CFV loose battery


I seem to have a problem with the battery attachment to my CFV. The small
black rectangular button that holds the battery in place has a millimeter or so of give in it, it can move back and forth within the metal housing. When a battery is installed there is another 1.5-2mm gap between the battery and the button, the upshot of this is that the battery can move slightly back and forth and will sometimes lose the electrical connection and the back will shutdown. My workaround so far, I'm travelling, has been to tape 3 thicknesses of duct tape to the battery end so that movement is restricted. Has anyone else noticed this problem?


I use two different types of batteries . The one is an UNOMAT analog SONY NP-F530 , F550 . This battery came with my CFV BACK . The length of that battery is exactly 70,5mm . The other battery is a no name type F550 and is exactly 70mm long.
The space for the battery in the CFV BACK is 71mm from the little rectangular button to the end of the housing and 70,8mm for the supplied L shaped bracket required if you shot with a SW/C or 903/905 camera .

Both batteries sit perfectly good in either housing .
So , you should check the length of you battery .

That little rectangular button has only very little play at the CFV BACK , but a bit more in support bracket .
I haven't contacted Hasselblad about it, but I have found that a simple application of a duct or gaffer tape patch to the base of the battery, the side that contacts the camera, stiffens up the union between the battery and the camera and the problem goes away. I noted that when I fitted the battery to the ELM bracket supplied with the CFV the union was stiffer and perfect, I can only imagine there is a very slight variation in the lugs on my CFV which causes a loose union.