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CFV + Flexcolor metadata


I import my images from the CF card, load them into Flexcolor and then export as tiff. Why is it that every single images then has metadata with correct iso of course, but always f/2 and 30.0s exposure?

Why these specific values?
Yours data is little different than mine, but still quite strange. My EXIF data reads 30.1 Seconds, f90.5, and a -1 stop in exposure compensation. I get curious emails from online viewers who take the time to read this stuff. The only thing valid in my data is the ISO, which is set in the CFV itself. I would believe the EXIF shutter speed would only be as accurate as the speed you preset with the CFV.
I've presumed that these are default readings maybe, but who knows. Since there is no electronic communication between CFV and a 500 series body/lens, there's nothing to record in the EXIF other than the ISO.
Viewers want to know what kind of lens I have that stops down to f90.5!!!
Michael H. Cothran
Reading your comments , I checked many of my images metadata , which I have never really done before .

Images , which were taken with my first CFV BACK , that was at firmware R211 , show an exposure time of 1/8 sec. but no aperture .
All images taken at a higher firmware level show ISO 100 , an aperture of
f=2,0 at 30,0073 sec.
How shall the CFV BACK know what you have set your aperture and shutter speed to ? ? ?
My only idea is . f=2,0 is the for the most open aperture of a lens , the V-SYSTEM camera can use . That is the PLANAR F(FE) 2/110 .
30 (32) seconds is the longest exposure time you can set at your CFV BACK .
Any other idea ? ? ?:z04_2171:

I have an Ixpress V96C, and my EXIF always reads f/90.5, shutter 30s, but correct ISO. I know and understand that there is no way for my back to know what aperture was used, but I would have thought that it should be possible to have the shutter speed or rather, the actual exposure duration that was executed embedded in the exposure time field. I just can't understand why they can't do this.
It should be possible when using a CFV back on a modified 203FE to report
aperture and shutterspeed with the image data.

I do not use a CFV back nor do I have a modified 200 series camera.
Maybe Jürgen can tell whether it is possible according to the manual to record these data with each exposure .
It makes perfect sense that the ISO and shutter speed are displayed, as both of these are programmed into the back. But even here, using the sync cord, with the back set to 32 seconds, one can fire any shutter speed from the lens without having to change the setting on the back. But presumably, it will still display as 30 sec or so regardless of what shutter speed you actually use. And the aperture? f90.5? Totally bogus.
I think it would be better if there were no exif data displayed when using a 500 series body, rather than erroneous data. If anyone knows of a way to turn off the exif data, please share it.
Michael H. Cothran
The modification of a 200 series camera seems to be limited to a shutter timing and back triggering device.
Actual data available from shutter and aperture are not recorded with the image.

With 500 series bodies these data are not available and cannot be recorded.

It follows that any information displayed is useless and only leads to confusion.
Turning it off seems a good suggestion. Question remains how this can be done.
450 euro for a trigger ant to loos the iso sychronisation is not the best performance.
It seams that the ring witch allows to use cfe lenses on H bodies is able to to send metadata.
I have taken a couple of shots with a modified 203FE + PLANAR FE2,8/80 + CFV BACK ISO 80 setting in the camera .
The metadata I can see is : ISO 100 , f=91 , 30,0 seconds .
The actual data were : ISO 80 , f=5,6 , 1/180 and 1/250 .

Altough there are contacts between the 203FE and the CFV BACK , they seem to have no meaning here .

As far as I know , these contacts were used with the 553/555 camera and the V96 IMACON back .

Regards Jürgen