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CFV firmware?


What is the most recent firmware revision for the CFV? I have 211, and I'm not sure how to update it?

Can someone help? Any help is much appreciated.


When you have FLEXCOLOR 4.8.3 installed , your firmware level should be R233 .
For FLEXCOLOR 4.8.4 the firmware level is R237 .

When you do not experience any trouble , I would wait for PHOCUS to be available .
Otherwise go to and download the latest FLEXCOLOR version , which is 4.8.4 . With the firmware beeing at R237 , you will only have 60 images for a 2GB CF card , instead of 87 with R233 .
I am at FLEXCOLOR 4.8.3 (R233) and will not upgrade to 4.8.4 , but wait for PHOCUS to be available .

is this not just a thing of conservative counting the remaining shots? I mean it should be possible to fill the card regardless what the counter says, shouldn't it? Not only HB does this strange thing - Nikon also. Its the same with the D2X and i got used to it since it gets more precise the more you fill the card. :)

Gruß Andy