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CFV Counter Question

The manual indicates and shows that the screen counter displays both shots taken and shots remaining. My screen displays only the shots remaining. Did something change?
Michael H. Cothran

What version of FLEXCOLOR are you using ? ? ?
Is it 4.8.3 or the latest 4.8.4

Regards Jürgen
Hi Jurgen,
I had previously read these replies - I pretty much read everything in this forum. However, that's not what I was asking about. I am aware that the display shows 87 for 4.8.3 and 60 for 4.8.4.
I was asking about the display counter that also shows the "shots taken."
The manual states that the OLED displays BOTH shots taken and shots remaining, in this format - 12/65, where "12" is the shots taken, followed by a slanted line, and "65" is the shots remaining.
My question was that my back does not show the shots taken, only the shots remaining.
Someone else informed me that the original backs did indicate both shots taken and remaining, but that all current backs only indicate the remaining shots, working down from 87 to 0. If this is correct, then Hassleblad has never updated their manual.
I don't really care whether the back displays one or both. I was concerned that I might have a glitch in my new back.

When I use FLEXCOLOR 4.8.3 I get the indication like 0/87 when no shots were taken . And for example 15/72 when 15 shots were taken and 72 shots can still be taken .
With 4.8.4 , I just get a count down number like 60 with no shots taken and 52 when 8 shots were taken , indicating the remaining number of shots .

I believe , that the kind of indication is depenant on the firmware level you are on .

As I said before , I am waiting for PHOCUS and do not change anything with FLEXCOLOR anymore .
So how do I know what level firmware I am on? Not to sound too stupid here, but that's a term I've often heard, but have no idea what it is!

From time to time , HASSELBLAD supplies small fixes to the backs software .
These fixes come with higher versions of FLEXCOLOR .
You can display your firmware level by going to "settings" and then step down to "about" . press the 4-way key to the right and you will get the serialnumber of your back and the firmware level .
If you are on FLEXCOLOR 4.8.3 you should read Firmware revision : R233