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CFi 100 Out of Production?


Hi, all - I was considering a new 100 CFi and saw on Calumet's website that the lens had been discontinued. No such notice at B&H, but I saw a special offer at SH Photo (Germany) on the lens that implied a closeout sale from Hasselblad. Has anyone seen official new on this?
Hasselblad orders their stock in batches of probably a hundred or more lenses.
When it takes too long to sell these no new orders are placed for a new batch.
The old economic rule of profit margin against time needed for the sale of the stock.

There is a good chance Hasselblad decided to sell all remaining 100 CFi lenses to a large dealer in Germany.
That happened before with the 80CFE Planar and the 30 mm Distagon.

I have all the 100 mm lenses I need: 100 C, 100 CF, 100CFi and a rare CF MK version of this lens.
Often looked at as an alternative for the 80 mm standard lens the 100 mm is in fact one of the best lenses ever designed for the V series.
High resolution and contrast with ultra low distortion make this one of the most desirable lenses.

There are still some new and demo CZ CFi PLANAR 3,5/100mm lenses for sale .
Not cheap , but therefore extremely good .

Thanks for the feedback, Paul and Jurgen. The German dealer listing is about $1k less than the NYC dealer pricing; but has an international warranty as opposed to a US warranty. I don't think that makes much of a difference in this case.
Warranty is nice but I have never needed to claim anything concerning a CZ lens.
It rarely happens although the CF/E/i series are more fulnarable in certain areas like the PC contact.