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CFE 40mm filters

Hi all. Hope someone can answer this question for me.

Have a new system which includes the 40mm CFE IF Lens.

However wont use it untill have the lens protected.

I was told that 93mm filter is used so purchased 2 on ebay. Bothe filters that arrived were 'DROP IN'. Spent ages trying as they say to fit a square peg into a round hole. with no sucess.
The top of the lens comes off which leaves a 86mm screw in thread staring at me. Someone said that the top part comes apart and the filter drops in thier. No chance.

Apart from it being only about 10mm deep it does dot come apart any further.

So chaps any advice. ??


The 93-86mm front ring *really* is a 2 part device. But: it is not always easy to do so, as it can become quite tight. My trick: get a piece of rubber (I use a computer mousepad), put that on a flat sturdy surface. Put the 93-86mm ring on it, face down. Then push the whole thing into the rubber, rotating it counterclockwise. *Don't* squeeze the ring itself, it will slightly deform into egg-shape, making it even more difficult to unscrew. That is also the problem you have when trying to seperate the 2 rings by hand. The outlined approach works fine for my CF40.

hth, Wilko