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CF 150/4 on H system


I can get an HASSELBLAD CF 150/4 for a good price
what do you thing of the CF Adapter for Hasselblad H1 (and digital back P45) ?

thank you
The 150 CF will work although you will mis a number of functions that are possible when using a CFE lens.
You will need stop down for exposure measuring.

Maybe a 180CFE is a better choice?
Depending on the kind of work you want to do a 120 CFE is another option if you are looking for an "E" lens.

Both the 120 and the180 are optically quite different from the 150 so beware.
thank you

that was just an opportunity to get a 150 mm cheap, but I think I'll finally take a HC 210
Does it mean that a CFE lens can tell the operture and the speed selected ?

Does it mean that a 203FE may help with exposure measuring even when you use "C" mode ?

(I have only the 202FA body)