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Case for 501 Kit


New Member
I'm looking for a case for my new kit. I have a 501 body, two backs, an 80mm, and a 50mm lens. Want a sturdy case that I can travel with, but is not so heavy/bulky that I can't take it with me to shoots. I want to be able to cary the above gear in addition to a back up 35mm nikon kit with 3 lenses, a light meter, film, filters, lens shades and other random accessories. I was thinking about getting a rolling pelican case to travel with and then a smaller day bag to hold just the 501 and 2 lenses, so I can walk around and snap some shots.

What size/brand hard case do you recomend for travel?

What carry around bag/back pack would you recomend for the 501 kit?

I carry all my Hasselbald gear in a lowe pro aw trecker fits - the largest
that stil goes as hand luggaga in a plane - fits one 500cm, one SWCM and One
553 ELX - one 250 and one 120 mm, a pol back, filters, extensiontubes a pro
shade + all the small thing you nees + film and a sekonic 508 - sometimes I
manage to get my m6 into the bag as well - the lowe pro bagpack/rug sacks
are available in all kin of sizes - I have a large aluminium case and the
rug sack fits into it - I use it only when driving in dusty areas - cheers
ruben ps my bag is as you might guess "heavy"
Sam, it is the age old problem of traveling and weight, as well as the number of items you need to keep track of. I would recommend a Lowe Pro mini Trekker. I have three Lowe Pro Trekkers, mini trekker, photo trekker AW, and Pro Trekker. Mini Trekker is used 90% of time, Photo Trekker AW 9% of time, and Pro Trekker 1% of the time.

All three are back packs, and easy to carry multiple cameras and lenses. The Pro Trekker will carry my 400 mm Nikon lens, or 350 hasselblad lens.

However, use caution, lots of gear = lots of weight, the weight will feel like an anchor after 4-5 hours in the field.

Mini Trekker is most useful to carry one hasselblad camera and three lenses, with one extra magazine, light meter, film, and extra batteries. It has room for two cameras, and a few more lenses, but I'd rather keep the weight down.

If you use Hasselblad, you may wish to consider carrying a tripod, which I do carry on my mini Trekker.

All things considered, protection of equipment, and weight are the two larges factors in making the decision on what case to use.

If you s&le the audience, you will find most Photogaphers have several cases.

I assisted a photog who used the rolling pelican to carry two mamiya RZ's, a bunch of backs, lenses, etc. It was heavy but so durable and you could use the case as a step stool too!

I have the same set-up you do - a 500c/m, a 50mm, an 80mm, two backs. I also have a second body (500c), a polaroid back and a few other accessories.

I just ordered the tenba db-17c backpack and am hoping it will work great for my hassie w/ both lenses and and the polaroid, my canon 10d with a couple lenses and my ibook. It has a special computer compartment and says it'll hold two 35mm bodies and a ton of lenses, so... let's hope for the best.

I have used tenba bags for 5 years now and they still seem new as far as nothing ripping, stretching, etc...
if you want a peli case so, choose the 1550 model it's very easy to put some stuff inside.
not your complete matérials of coarse.
I second the Mini Trekker for a 'knocking around' case . . . I also have 2 Pelicans and 2 Haliburtons, so I agree with everyone about the Pelicans . . . they really are great! The other day I found a great leather case (I believe it is a large, travel / makeup case for a woman) I found it in a discount leather place for $89 US. It is excellent. A shoulder strap / even lipstick holders (elastic ringlets) where film cannisters can go. I had a 501, an 80 a 180 a PME45, film backs etc, with room to spare. I can give you a link if you like. I carry it around as a shoulder bag when I'm out. Plus, it is not an obvious camera bag like the LowPro, so it doesn't stand out. Sadly, on the net it is $109 US. Really nice leather as well.
> [I suggest everyone my LowePro Omni Trekker: the size is more ore less the > same of a notebook and it is also backpack. I normal put in it all this stuff: 1 500 C/M + 80mm nad A12 back, 150 CFlens, 40mmCF lens, 1 lens shade, 1 Nc 2/100 prism, A16back, A24back, 6 filters bay60 with plastic box, 1 sekonic 508 flashmaster, 1 Flash 45CT1 metz, then you have also a free place where I take up to 10 rollfilms. Isn't it great?....Ok the price was a bit astronomic...something like 230 Euro, buought in summer 2003, but you ...if you want good things normally you have to pay for it.]