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Can you pls help with this glare problem



Good Day.
I shot this around 6:30 pm without a lens hood but have never seen such a glare effect. This is the test shot, but the same is present on my good image.
Any idea what caused this or how to fix please?
I used a Hassy H1 with a digital back.

Thanks tons.
Sorry, here is the image

Digital backs are much more flare-sensitive than film due to the cover glass on the CCD. A lens hood is almost imperative. Also, you do seem to have backlighting with some of the sky showing over a shaded area. That is almost a perfect storm in terms of flare. My assumption is that you are also using a wide-angle lens.
Larry, I was using the 80 2.8 on the H1.

Any ideas how to start PS'ing this?

Thanks again.
(1) Clone additional leaves in the area, where glaring is problamatic. I think you are refering to only top left side.
(2) Isolate the sky by selecting it thru' lasso tools. Once isolated, adjust the brightness to highest, which will blow out purple fringing.
I also use H1 and I took some nice pictures with sun coming in much stronger than what you show. May be you might have adjusted/corrected too much in the software, hence the flare.
Shawn, thank you, will try this today.

I did not correct the image in any fashion, just saved in from the Imacon s/w Flexcolor as a jpg.

Do you use a digi back on your H1? I used the V96C. Yes,
the "V" series back with a modification.

Thanks again.
No, I am still waiting second generation Backs from Hasselblad. I am surprised that you could modify the plate to receive H1? I know they make 96C just for H1. If you don't mind sharing your secret of getting V96C to fit H1
Shawn, it's on this board under the H1 Thread "v500 vs. H1"
You can ask any questions you need to. Bottom line is that it is the same back with a different plate, color and about 7k increase.