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Can the CFV be used Tethered


Can the CFV digital back be tethered, if so, will it only work with firewire, I made the mistake of only getting usb2 on my Dell (guess the PC was the second mistake)?
Hi Paul

The CFV BACK can be used in tethered mode , databank mode and also with a CF CARD.
In tethered mode you need a FIRE WIRE interface and must have the FLEX COLOR software installed . It is the FIRE WIRE 800 IEEE 1394b interface .

Welcome to the forum . Regards Jürgen
Thanks for the reply Jurgen, would that mean, without a fire wire connection on my P.C, I would be unable to update the CFV back?

On a separate note, has anybody heard any more rumors about the Nikon D3 or other pro Nikons being released soon? I'm presently stuck on a decision; either to wait for a new Nikon or get a Digital back, only thing which puts me of the CFV, is the crop factor of x 1.5, I love wide angles.

I have around a £6000 budget, to update my Nikon or Hasselblad outfit. Stuck in a bit of a dilemma, this is a one of opportunity for me, so thinking hard trying to way the pros against the pros.
Can't answer your Nikon question.

Yes, you need to connect to your computer to update the CFV digital back through firmware embedded in the Flexcolor upgrades ... current Flexcolor version is now 4.6.7.

The best way to make this work is have your computer modified with a Firewire card.

If not, and you only have a USB port on your laptop, then you can investigate whether the new Firewire to USB connector will work. The connecting cord for the CFV is included with the kit, and is firewire 800 on the end that connects to the camera and Firewire 400 at the other end, so the cable extension shown below could well work. It is worth asking.


Another avenue of exploration is a hub that accepts Firewire and USB.

Another solution is to get a multiple port Firewire insert that goes in the computers PCI slot. I do not know if one of these work without a firewire card installed... probably not.

Thanks for your hint for the 4.6.7 Level of FLEXCOLOR . I was still on 4.6.5 but as my CFV BACK has not returned yet , i did not update . I could not find anything on the HASSELBLAD web page , which would indicate , that a higher level of FELEXCOLOR is available .
So i will have to check for the firmware level 196 when i hopefully get a new back .

Regards Jürgen
It's on the site Jurgen ... that's where I got it from. I loaded it and used it to upgrade both the H3D/39 and the CFV on March 3rd.
Hi Paul, this is a no brainer, the image quality of the back far exceeds that of a smaller system. The back will also out perform any of the smaller formats purely on chip size alone without going into the lens design side. We just received our CFV and we are so happy we did. May be this will help with choice, if you are the UK Hasselblad have an excellent support team. best wishes, Carl