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Camerainfo Reviews relaunched & shared user registration


Camera-info Review section relaunched & shared user registration for Photo Gallery, Reviews and Classifieds


Some of you might have noticed it. The Review section was down for a couple of days because of a restructuring. It is back online now with new categories and new features:

Please participate in this reader review section to help others. When it comes to selecting new gear, who better to advise you than others who have already taken the plunge?

If a specific product is not listed there yet, you can easily upload it yourself - with or without images.

We also changed the registration system for the photo gallery, reviews and the upcoming classifieds section. From now on, there is only a single login necessary to participate in all 3 areas. Users, who are already registered in our photo gallery, can use now the reviews and classifieds section without logging in or registering extra and vice versa.

The community forum registration system stays for the near future independant, although we hope to find a solution until the end of this year, once the new version of our forum software is available.

Enjoy it and please participate all of you in the reader reviews!