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Camerainfo moves to bigger server


It is time again to move. We will try to make that switch as convenient as possible for you...

But this time it will take longer than last summer, because we will transfer also all forums and all URLs to a new webhoster. This means over 30 forums, 5 photo galleries, Reviews, etc. in 5 different languages.

Because of the URL transfer it is likely that the domainnames are from time to time not available or are showing to the old server instead of to the new one. So please make sure, that you delete your cache and cookies in your browser and check the domainname from time to time, to be sure to be on the new server already.

Normally after a week or so, all nameserver on the internet have updated the new address linked to the url and everything should be as usual again.

We will switch one by one, so one forum after the other. Normally it will take up to 24 hours until the URL of the forum shows to the new server. We will do this over the next days/ weekend, so that you are not that much bothered with it.

We will announce in every forum, as soon as the move of the specific forum has been finished and you can use it again.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Your Team