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Calumet upgrade offerdrooldrool


Calumet is offering a multi-thousand dollar credit if you turn in your H1/H2 and get the newer digital H series. My question.......I wonder what they do with all those "lovely" tradeins????
Not sure if you want to hear this but: it is not unlikely they will scrap them.. If you don't (as a company) you will find yourself with the same product being traded in for credit again and again and again..

Sun (computer) for ex&le found out the hard way. I have seen *brandnew* computer products being wrecked beyond use to avoid them reaching the market. Not a pretty sight, I can assure you.

Calumet is not Santa. They will have backup from Hasselblad to make an offer like this.
Remember how Hasselblad tried to get the "C" series lenses out of circulation by offering a 25% discount on a new lens.
It turned out people rather sold the older lenses than turn them over to Hasselblad.
The C lenses fetched more than 25% of the price of a new lens at the time.
Very few lenses were delivered to Hasselblad only the ones with serious problems disappeared from the market.
I don't think that's an exclusive Calumet promotion. Hasselblad was running it through their dealers for awhile now.
Robert - Would you be kind enough to supply a link to this offer or was this an in-store promotion? I am having some real issues with Phase right now and might consider going with the Hasselblad integrated system.