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Calibrating foucusing with a 80 lens


New Member
I aquired a used 500 series hassy with a 80 lens. I have been using it quit regualry and have noticed a small loss of sharpness. Now I have used the hyper foucus scale and the distances in the photography meet the range. Does any one have any tips for achieve a pristine foucus? Can this lens be off calibration or is there a way to set the calibration for foucus. Also would a prism help to achieve finer foucus. Any useful hints for fine foucsuing would be greatly appreciated.
Is your 500 a model with interchangeable screens - if so is your focusing screen mount as it should?? - is your film back working correct? and are you loading your film correct? I have tried not on a hasselblad but on a fuji the the screen loosened without me noticing and I came home with a days work of out of focus images - I dont have a clue if there is anything you can do to the optics to adjust them your self but I would definitly wait for someone like Q.G to answer before I messed up my camera
Thank you Ruben and Mattew. I still have some questions. I do where contact lens so what diopter would be right for me. Does each perscription need a different diopter. With my contacts I do have 20/20 so I dont know if that would help. Also for Ruben what screens do you recomend. Do certain screens give better foucus or just another perspective. My film back is working correctly to the best of my knowledge. Also if Q.G would respond it would be quite helpful
Accumate focusing screens is preferred by some were as the old slightly darker screens had split image in the centre making it easier to focus. I have also a "interscreen from beatie" (haven got the box any more so im not sure about the spelling) but that screen is either to bright or lacks contrast or something else (its for my Fuji) I dont were eyeglasses or contacts so the diopter adjustment is not a question. If Q.G does not see this post try asking under V-System and 500 c/cm you will probably see some answers from him there
cheers Ruben
If you have access to a focusing screen adapter you can check focusing screen accuracy that way. I found the magnifying hood works well with this.
The problem, if in fact one exists with the camera / lens combination, can be any number of things. As I have several bodies and lenses I've "fine tuned" the lot to my personal neurotic standards with excellent results. Found my Super Wide and one of the EL/M bodies were "off" a little and was able to correct the problem with lens and mirror alignment adjustment. Unless you have considerable Hasselblad experience and / or mechanical aptitude plus the specialized tools required, I can't recomend you try doing this yourself as the odds are you'll mess things up. I'm only saying that it can be done. Would therefore check focus accuracy with the focusing screen adapter and if there's a problem, take it to a specialist.
My experience is that about half of my lenses could be optimalized and that it was well worth doing.
Good luck,