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Calendar project.


Active Member
I would like to ask attention especially from newly joined forum user for the unique
Forum Calendar Project.
Of course help from older users is just as welcome.

Jürgen Loob has offered to make a special limited edition Calendar for 2009 with
pictures from derelict houses, sheds and other buildings.
This sympathetic initiatif deserves some more support from forum users.

As far as my information goes Jürgen needs the help from another 4 users of the forum
who are invited to send him their pictures of buildings they found that will fit the description.

Sofar there are participants in Holland, Germany, France, Romania, England, Australia and the USA.
I hope I did not forget anybody who has already offered to participate.

Please look for more details in the Off Topic section of the forum.
If you need any help or more information please contact me or Jürgen.
Any language is ok as long as it is German, English, French, Dutch,or Swahili.
I will leave enquiries in German and Swahili to Jürgen of course.

Do not be shy show us what you got!

Hi Sinuhe,

That would be great.
I am sure you will find a nice "cottage" in Switzerland.
Jürgen will be delighted.


Paul gave me a hint , that you would like to participate in the calendar project .
All forum users are invited and can participate .

I only very seldom look into the X-PAN section , because I do not have an X-PAN .

The calendar design is ready since the beginning of the year , and it is made for square images based on 6x6 or rectangular images based on 4,5x6 .

Because of the extraordinary format of an X-PAN image , it is of course very difficult to present a panoramic image in my layout .

So , if you have the chance to use a 6x6 or 4,5x6 HASSELBLAD , please go ahead and shoot .
Please have a look into the 2009 CALENDAR PROJECT thread in the OFFTOPIC section to see , what type of images are wanted .

Good luck .
2010 calendar???

Gee..... something reminded me that time is fast approaching for a 2010 calendar....mmmm....... didn't Jurgen say he planned a panorama Hasselblad users calendar....... mmmm.... gosh my memory is slipping.......... maybe he was doing it himself... gee we better start getting images ready!!! :) :) :)

Paul is your memory better than mine?? :)
Paul is your memory better than mine?? :)

Hello Simon,

I doubt it very much!
As far as I remember Jürgen said something about having seen quite enough calendars for the next 10 years.

It brings me to the story about how Jürgen and I met for the first time.
He lives about 500 miles from where I live in Germany.
I know for guys in the US or Down Under that is sort of next door.
In Europe we are not so used to travelling those distances.

I was going to a camera fair in Strassburg France that is about 200 miles from where Jürgen lives.
We had planned to meet there but Jürgen suddenly got health problems induced by a stupid change of medicine.
He was very sorry he could not make it.

I decided to look him up after the fair, it was only a small detour for me.
Just before I went to France I found a nice give away calendar at my local bank.
I took two, one for my home use and one to pull Jürgens leg.
His right leg is considerably longer because of all the pulling it had to withstand.
Jürgens wife answered the door bell and Jürgen was standing 6 feet behind her.
I showed this bank calendar and asked: Are you interested in buying a calendar?
I saw Jürgen was thinking something is not quite right here.
Then he realise the person who had been pulling his leg so much was standing before him.

I spent a couple of days in the beautiful Allgäu area.
We both had a lot of fun telling stories and showing Hasselblad items to each other.

Sorry guys . No calaendar for 2010 and also not for 2011 .
But , and that is it , but I am thinking about an other calendar . But I am not telling my wife . Pano is the word .

That is all very well but Jürgen how are we supposed to make it through 2010 let alone 2011 without calendar?

Can I call you whenever I need to know what day of the week it is?
How am I supposed to plan ahead without calendar?