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Calendar project.


Active Member
I would like to ask attention especially from newly joined forum user for the unique
Forum Calendar Project.
Of course help from older users is just as welcome.

Jürgen Loob has offered to make a special limited edition Calendar for 2009 with
pictures from derelict houses, sheds and other buildings.
This sympathetic initiatif deserves some more support from forum users.

As far as my information goes Jürgen needs the help from another 4 users of the forum
who are invited to send him their pictures of buildings they found that will fit the description.

Sofar there are participants in Holland, Germany, France, Romania, England, Australia and the USA.
I hope I did not forget anybody who has already offered to participate.

Please look for more details in the Off Topic section of the forum.
If you need any help or more information please contact me or Jürgen.
Any language is ok as long as it is German, English, French, Dutch,or Swahili.
I will leave enquiries in German and Swahili to Jürgen of course.

Do not be shy show us what you got!

Eduardo (uaiomex) has sent two B/W images . Thank you very much .
And where are yours ? ? ? :z04_photos: