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Cable release for grip loose and falls out



I have a hasselblad brand grip with cold shoe and cable release.

the thumb button area of the cable release slides in and out of the hole.

Is this normal?
Or is mine broke/wore/missing parts?

Can I buy a replacement cable release? Or would I need to purchase the entire grip?
I think it's normal as long as your cable release has a rubber funnel shape stuff to fill up the hole. Mine has this and works fine.
Mine is all metal.

Maybe I am missing the rubber piece.

Gravity will cause mine to fall out.
Pete, I only recently bought the current grip and think it is a superb accessory - well engineered, designed and finished. Mine was new "old" stock being liquidated so the contents and packaging were 100% in order.

But, like you I was a bit puzzled by the basic budget type of cable release. Yes it has a metal fitting to sit in the hand grip and yes, it does just fall out.

No, it is not to Linhof's standard where they use a rubber gromet to make the release cord sit tightly inside the grip. So, I'll get a small Linhof version as this one is annoying.

By the way, I also find the length of the plunger a bit silly and that soft metal is very easily bent. But, overall the whole grip assembly is superb.