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BW printing

To start with:

The Print by Ansel Adams part of three books, The Camera, the Negative, the Print.

If you want to start with fundamentals and are not shy to study theory on optics, chemicals, sensitometrie etc.:
Handbuch der Fotografie Band 1+2 by Jost J. Marchesi Verlag Photografie

Maybe an even better suggestion: a course in darkroom technique.
I know there is one in the Hamburg area where an experienced photographer has facilities for a limited number of enthusiasts to learn the magic of darkroom possibilities.
If you want to know more contact me pm.
Tim Rudman, The Photographer's Master Printing Course, ISBN 1-84000-944-6

Ranging from the basics of equipping a darkroom to advanced skills such as lith printing, toning and multiple printing.

Covering modern techniques not included in in the excellent book off Anselm Adams.

Tim Rudman, The Master Photogrpher's Lith Printing Course, ISBN 1-902538-02-1

Covering advanced techniques.