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Buying a 203 FE


Anyone know where I can get a 203 FE online?
Also, what should I take note of before buying one. What are the main differences between the 203 FE and the 205 FCC and is the latter worth the price?


I'd try eBay or KEH. The main difference is the 203 has an average meter and the 205 has a 1% spot meter. I prefer the 205 because I prefer a spot meter, and with the spot you can do anything the average can do, but not vice-versa.

Is it worth the higher price? Well, to me it was. To some, perhaps not. It all depends on if you know how to use the spot to your advantage or not. Also, the 205 has a Zone mode that I find very very useful.

Look for a copy of the 205 brochure, or search the forum for info on the 205 vs the 203, as it's been described a number of times here well as the differences between the 205FCC and 205TCC.

Best Regards,

Ebay is flooded with offerings from the far east, no personal experience, but probably not the same as buying the camera in Europe (mainly) and the states (secondly).

An other option is to visit second-hand sites in Sweden (where the camera was manufactured( and Germany (that seems to have a high concentration of used 'blads) and buy directly from there.

I bought my 203fe at, swedens largest photo enthusiast site.

Best of luck
Actually, I have now already bought one from the US. She's a beauty. Very well kept. Almost like new. Work perfectly. Love it!


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Well, there you go! Nice setup, hope it fits your needs.

Just out of curiosity, did you buy the entire kit at once? If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for it? Asking since I want to keep pricing for my 203fe gear at realistic levels.
The amount of 2000 and the later 200 series cameras varies from country to country.
Both series sold well in Germany.

The 2000 and the later 200 series were not succesfull in other parts of Europe.
In France Hasselblad did not become the succesfull camera it became in
Germany, Holland and Belgium.
From the beginning the US was the best export market for Hasselblad.

BTW nice 203 with CFV back.
I have a hunch this camera came from Michigan.
Am I right?
You are absolutely right Terry!
I was thinking of Marcs 203 that went the "wrong" way to England.
There will be another 203 to go the wrong way soon, that is my way.
My 205 needs a companion so a nice chrome 203 FE is welcome.
I have not found one yet but there is still time.


I've a 203fe in good condition up for sale, you'll find it in the classifieds section. Are you interested in the body only?


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It is indeed a winder.
Jazzdevil does not know yet whether he is selling the set as is or sell all parts seperately.
Look at the classified section for more news.


Yes, that's a winder on the left side.

I'd be happier selling the entire kit, incl. winder/finder, lenses (2.8/50 and 2.8/150), but will consider offers for the individual parts as well.

Please see the ad where I'v uploaded a few new pics of the body mainly, can change to show the other parts as well (there seems to be a six pics limit). Otherwise, feel free to contact me privately so that I can send you mode pictures of all parts.


/Dimitris (jazzdevil)
Correct, it's not from Michigan. My converted 203FE and CFV are now in England being put to good use.

I still have a 203FE, two 503/CWs and all my lenses and accessories except the 60-120FE zoom which I have sold to the 203FE/CFV buyer.

I've also sold the SWC kit because I'm now using a Rollei Xact and range of APO digitar lenses from 28mm to 150mm. I wasn't using the SWC enough to warrant keeping it. These cameras need to be used.

Business in Michigan is awful, and getting worse. I am in Hollywood supervising a TV commercial and only have my M8 and a few lenses with me. I miss my MF already : -(