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Buenos Aires


New Member
I am planning a trip to Argentina. I have recently purchased a 203fe w/ 110fe lens. Because of the level of crime in Buenos Aires. Should I leave this camera behind?

Thanks for your help
Joseph, I haven't been to Buenos Aires in almost three years. But, I wouldn't hesitate to bring any/all of my gear there. I just returned from Rio de Janeiro, which is scads more dangerous than Buenos Aires, and I shot with a 203FE, Leica M7, and Contax N1. I don't recommend this, however, to newbies. But, I've spent two months per year there for the last three years and have a bit of feel for where I can expose that kind of gear.

Buenos Aires is a much more secure environment. Unless you have a history of being a crime victim and walk the walk of a vulnerable person, I wouldn't expect you to have any problems. I would take the gear, but when you arrive, get out and around first WITHOUT it so that you can get a sense of the environment. Get a sense firsthand if there will be any risks.

I have a question, though. What will you be shooting in BsAs? I ask because if you are thinking there are a lot of 'landmark' shots to make you may be disappointed. Although it's a 'nice' city, there isn't much there that is 'spectacular.' In fact, while I was there, I looked long and hard for postcards to send to friends but could find none of any interesting scenes. But, that's me. I'm sure a better photographer could find/make interesting images.

I was robbed in Baires last year.....but they broke into my hotel room.
So I strongly recommend you to stay away from very cheap the streets i don't see any problem...if you don't expose yourself too much..but that is like everywhere!!

I have a friend who lives there and has told me that it is a big difference (to the worse) today compared with 3 years ago. So be carefull and follow Dereks advise - go out there without equipment before you bring all your stuff.
>Hi Joseph, I live in Buenos Aires... I'm very sorry to tell you that crime >level here is very very high, please, with that (or any other) camera... >be very carefull in the street, if possible don't be alone.

Call me if you need some help.

Tito Chescotta
Thank you all for your advice. I usually travel alone. Although, I try to blend in, I know that this is not always possible to do. When traveling, I usually have all my gear with me, this includes a 4x5 field camera, and a 35mm Pentax with tripod and various accoutraments. With my new hasse, I'll most likely leave the 4x5 in the states, If I do take it, probably won't use it in B.A. But would be a great tool for side trips to Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glasier. I will be in country in October, attending a World Tango Festival.
Thanks again for all of your comments.

Joseph Dupesko