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Blown away with my new normal Hassy lens


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I recently bought a very nice Makro-Planar CF 120mm lens to fill a big hole between 80mm and 180mm (and I would never part with either of these but was willing to live with the hole until my budget allowed me to back-fill it!).

So when this very well cared for ex&le arrived last week I went out and found anything I could to shoot - what a revelation I discovered in the viewfinder! It's probably going to become my new "normal" lens - a Wildi wrote in his various books a short tele like 120mm in 6x6 can help remove image clutter (my expression/interpretation).

Anyway I'm delighted with its performance: short and long distance; wide open and closed down. I'm fast thinking this focal length may become my new "normal" lens. What a delight it is to get closer and nearly fill the frame. I'll soon add a tube to see what i can do even closer.

I do like the out-of-focus and aperture sensitivity.

Anyway I've attached some s&les of what it did for me. Next time I'll shoot in NICE LIGHT.



... Oh and with permission I took this of two divine little girls in our local Botanic Gardens....

... and this at the same place..... just love this lens' angle of view and the details it resolves....