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Bifocals progressive lenses and WLF


New Member
Does anyone use bifocals or progressive lenses while shooting?

Got a wonderful surprise today. Was doing a pre-sale check of my gear for any marks, dust etc. and decided to put on some safety glasses that are a different prescription than my normal glasses. Being nearsighted I can see quite well,in the very near range, without any glasses. The safety glasses were for woodworking and house projects, which normally help in the 1/2 to 1 meter range.

To make a long story not quite so long... I decided to put the lense on a body and look thru same. It was so easy to see and focus. I was quite surprised because without glassses I can see and focus without any blurryness so always figured my difficulties therein was just the way the system was.

Having very recently undergone much Physical Therapy (a last ditch effort) with substantial success and today finding that I can actually see pretty well with the blad I wonder if someone up there is trying to tell me not to sell.

Was at the eye Dr. last week, my prescription has not changed. I have been thinking about getting progressive lenses and am wondering if anyone has any advice thereto? Or any similar stories to tell.

With luck and if I can figure out a way to carry a bit of gear with me I may be able to keep my Hasselblad afterall. And to think I almost dumped the whole system 3 months ago.

Thanks for your time...
thinking about getting progressive lenses and am wondering if anyone has any advice thereto>


I wear them and most of the time there is not a problem, especially using the WLF, but when using a PM 45 I make sure that I center my eye at the correct angle. One way to start is to look at the camera at close distance to be sure you are looking through your close distance prescription and keep your eye in the same position. To get use to the feel and make sure my eyeglasses were not interfering with focusing. I set up the camera on a tripod at a known distance and verified the correct focus, using the distance scale (known to be good), each finder and a single lens prescription. I also had others check it.

Most likely you will not have a problem especially after you get use to your new glasses which may take some time. Zeiss also has a new way of making progressive lenses that are more forgiving than in the past and look much easier to get use to.

Good Luck:


P.S. don't give up I am sure there are other solutions as well!
I will be ordering Zeiss 'Gradal' lenses tomorrow. If they don't work out the provider will allow exchange for different lenses. I've worn glasses for more than 40 years now but this will be my first 'bi-focal' type.

I will keep your focusing advice at hand when first trying the new glasses. Thanks!
I am not sure what to say, as I do not belong to this thread! May be you need another pair of glass after all!!

Good luck with your trial! I wear the essilor brand progressive glasses and it has been hard to adapt anyways. Bt, once you got it, it sticks!