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Better connection of Metz 45 CL4 to 503CW


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I use the CL-4 which is generally a good flash unit. BUT I hate the Metz bracket to connect the unit to my 503CW. The basic long bracket is far too long - not rigid enough and sticks out on the right and gets in the road of my focusing hand. The add-on square MF bracket is awful as it has a big knob underneath it that makes the camera flop over when rested on a table.

I have ploughed through the myriad of awful brackets ( too many bits to put together; poor explanations of how each links up; ugly; overkill TV antennae style enabling all sorts of gymnastics I don't need) by Stroboframe and others and they all seem to need 2 or 3 bits added to do the job!!

Can ANYONE tell me if there is: 1. a simple shorter bracket that connects directly to the Metz quick release at one end and to the camera's tripod mount on the other end?

Or, 2. is there a bracket that replaces the whole Metz quick release fitting (I'm happy to pull that whole part of the handle) and cl&s to the Metz handle at one end plus connects to the camera's tripod fitting at the other end?

Maybe I'll just sell the Metz (a shame as it is a good flash and like new) and get a Hassy D40 to mount on a proper Hassy grip? Either way the standard Metz fitting is horrible and I'd thought Germans could do a lot better. Help!!!!
Hi, you may not like my solution but it works great for me. I just screwed an old style Hasselblad tripod quick release to the basic Metz 45 bracket. For me this is rigid enough, it never failed during the last 15 years. Attaching the flash to the camera is easy this way.

I too have Hasselblad quick mounts on my 45-series Metz brackets. Works great.

I don't know why any bit of the bracket should stick out to the right, since you can mount the camera on there so there is no bit sticking out.
But then, i don't think the bracket is too long.

I like the separation between lens and flash, and the bracket between flash and camera serves as a convenient grip to carry the lot (upside down).
I use the usual 'left hand grip' on the camera, with my left elbow held forward enough to let the flash unit rest on my left arm.

But how about just shortening the bracket? It is made from aluminium, and is not hard to work.
The end will be 'open', but there's no risk of anything sliding off when that anything is fixed on tight enough, right?
Thanks Ulrik and QG. I try your suggestions and see how I go.

What I don't like about the standard bracket's length is that I prefer not to have the flash so far to the left and away from the body - like to keep the flash as close as possible to the body for even light spread etc.

I'll also try using my Hassy quick release mount.