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Hi guys, I'm going to Berlin for a couple of days and was wondering if anyone knows of a good second hand photography shop? preferably with hasselblad stuff...

Also any cool museum or gallery?

Cool museum: Go an visit the Technisches Museum Berlin.

Really really neat, assuming you are interested in tech stuff. Takes at least a day for a halfway decent visit.

Yes Wilko , dead right .
Technical Museum in Berlin . I would need a couple of days , to see all the fantastic items . If you are interested in technical stuff , of course .
If you are more interested in architecture , see Potsdamer Platz , Brandenburger Tor , Reichstag Bilding , and many many others . Good luck .
Regards Jürgen
Great thanks, I'll have a look, I was thinking something more in the lines of PHOTOGRAPHY related.. hehe
Please describe " more in PHOTOGRAPHY" line .
More ideas might come up . I am quite shure .
well, a hasselblad MUSEUM would be great :D

also second hand shops were I can find hasselblad lenses, accesories, or old nikon stuff...

Besides that, any gallery or photography exhibition will be nice..

Hey cs_foto,

How was your Berlin trip?

I am traveling there the next month, so please tip me if you found anything interesting, or extraordinary you would suggest me to see.

Best Regards

well it was quite a long time now... it was rainy and misty, but that gave a great dremlike mood to my overexposed slides :D

i think the museum of contemporary art is definitely worth visiting. also there is supposed to be a Helmut Newton museum but when i went was closed, dunno if its open now...