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Bent aperture blade normal


New Member
Hi everyone,

Just got my first 503CW kit - needless to say, awesome! One issue is bugging me though. When the shutter on my 80mm lens is closed/stopped down, I noticed that the leading edge of one of the aperture blades is bent slightly (near the centre of the lens). Can anyone confirm if this is normal - do your lenses show the same? The lens seems to otherwise be OK. I know this may seem an esoteric question, but for the $$$ I want to be sure.

I have 3 lenses - 50,80 and 250. All of them show the same - slightly bent aperture blades... So, it seems to be normal.
Thanks! Was a bit surprised when I first noticed it, since I haven't seen anything similar on my other 35mm and 4x5 gear.

Congratulations on your new camera.

I vaguely remember that the reason for the slight bend is to reduce vibration caused by high velocity at the shutter tip approaching supersonic speeds.

I think you will find more information at Carl Zeiss.


> The shutter in every Hasselblad lens has five shutter blades. Three of them are flat. The edge of one of the blades is bent up, and the edge on one of the blades > is bent down. They are designed this way so that the blades do not smash into each other when the shutter blades close.

David S. Odess - Factory trained Hasselblad technician


The following is from the Carl Zeiss website.

"The shutter sectors: The sectors perform extremely fast movements; at the same time, they must lie firmly on top of each other. This means that the sectors must be aerodynamically
optimized and only minimum abrasion is permitted. Any collision of the sectors must also be prevented. For this reason, the sectors
have been coated, specially bent, angled and doubly reinforced at their points of suspension."