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Benefits of the OpTech neck strap for V series cameras


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I've just received a "new" older (1998) 503CW I bought from its original owner wheo kept it in its box all this time and shot only a few rolls with it!!!

Yes, as promised it not only looks untouched, it has that strong new smell.

Anyway, the seller included the OpTech neck strap (the original Hassy wide strap was still unused in its compartment!).

I'd never considered buying one of these but can tell you it is very worthwhile. It is very wide and tapers in below the shoulders - fantastically comfortable! So if you need a more comfortable strap, this is certainly the go!
Congratulations Simon!!!

The 503CW is one of my favorite cameras of all time. I'm currently using 2 of them to good effect. One with a winder for weddings, and a second in studio with a Imacon ixpress back "permanently" mounted to it, (Hasselblad/Imacon has assured the useful longevity of this venerable camera for decades to come).

I cannot over express the confidence this camera inspires when in hand. That people even think for one minute some plastic digi-wonder can equal the results obtainable from this tool only speaks to the dumbing down of the photographic community at large.

Your strap is similar to one I found with Hassey clip ons and snap off main strap. The wide contoured shape is indeed quite comfortable.

Shoot well Simon.

( P.S., here's my "baby" earning its keep ; -)

Many thanks Marc. Totally with you on this. The engineering of the 503 and 501 is soo good, nothing gets in the road of what these tools are for - making images.

Love the shot of your gear. I see that you have the 120mm Makro-Planar mounted. I have just bought an unused one about 10 years old and can't wait to get my hands on it. It should fit nicely between the 80mm and 180mm lenses.

Last night I fitted up a Metz 45 CL-4 to the 503 and went "blasting" around the house - just great and the negs should come up well.

The hammer head flash helps balance the camera. Funnily enough, I recently bought a brand new Hassy flash hand grip for a pittence from stock being liquidated by a dealer. I use it on the 501 and it makes handling the camera even better.

Totally agree about these cameras being digi-ready and a truly enduring piece of technology - brilliant engineering and design unmatched in MF - the MF "Leica".
Marc - how is the digital back performing in respect of shadow detail and reproducing thin diagonal lines - reason I ask is I have one under considderation but I have seen some s&le shots that made me unsure of the capability in this area. I need it to shoot paintings and fine old architectual line drawings ? cheers Ruben
I've not tested it for those characteristics Ruben. I generally use it for table top product work and a few field assignments.

The 96C is strictly a one pass back. Depending on final use of your files, you may require one of the multi shot versions to faithfully record that kind of fine detail.

I am only just learning the abilities of the back in relation to the software. Flexcolor is not an instantly usable program out of the box IMO. Hasselblad/Imacon has just finished producing a new tutorial CD, and it is on it's way to me now. I think I will see even better results when I learn the program better.

What I am most interested in is that Hasselblad supports Adobe's DNG converter, which means the Imacon files can be converted to this universal RAW file format and subsequently opened in PhotoShop CS2 featuring a new RAW developer. IMO, the PSCS2 advancement has surpassed Phase One's C-1 as the premiere photo editing program.