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Beautiful SWC


Just wanted to link to this picture of an absolutely stunning 1961 SWC:



Please copy images instead of linking them.
By copying the image is still available long after the link has gone.
Wow! Stunningly beautiful cameras. They just don't make them like this anymore.


Very true. All plastic cr*d these days. Not that engineering plastics are technically bad, quite to the contrary. It is just that a classic Superwide, or a 1600F etc are just sooo much more beautiful. At least to me.


I was linking to the site, because I did not take the picture and I'm not sure about the copyright issue. However, I CAN link to the guys flickr stream, no problem. Please note, that I do not want to reproduce material which is not mine or not readily available.

The viewer of my 905SWC is dark black . The one on your 905SWC seems to be gray .
Have there been two different viewers ? ? ?
Most likely yes. I've been wondering about it as well. When is yours from? I'm quite sure mine is one of the youngest. I bought it brand new, this year. I wonder how the replacement viewfinders look. The plastic on mine is of considerably better quality than on the 903.

I understand and respect your views about the rights from others on their images.
As far as I know, but I am not a lawyer and certainly no expert on copy right, pictures like the one from the SWC made public at a site like flickr are not protected by copy right.
Right now I have not got the time to sought this out. The sight where the image came from is not very clear about re use of images either.
I will let you know as soon as i know more.


My 905SWC is from 2002 and the viewer on my 903SWC , which I sold , was black as well .
Hi Jürgen,

This is a forum about photography where is the picture?

What about 905 SWC in the snow?


Here is the "picture" .

View attachment 469

Sorry , it is not in the snow , which has fallen above 1200m , but it is my
905SWC between all the parcels with the calendar .

Marcus , as you can see , the viewer is black .
And the calendar boxes are pure white .

Just a quick shot without special lightning .
A 905 SWC in a surrounding where work, a lot of work is being done.
That is a good combination.

For me Hasselblad cameras are tools for a trade in the first place.
That is why I am very fond of the Hasselblads in my collection that show signs of a hard working life.
For some reason the older cameras that are truly mint do not mean as much to me.
I am very glad Wilko could save the second addicted 553 ELX camera.
That means more than a brandnew 503CW body.


1954 SWA not mint but a camera that lead a hard working life.
Still not bad looking!


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It is absolutely againt the FUC rules , to water the mouth of a forum member
who desires nothing more , than a HASSELBLAD SWA , by showing SWA images . This could easily lead to refuse sending an HSH Calendar . This is the first warning .
The second warning could be , that you will have to sell me your best SWA for 1/2 price .

The good thing about the FUC is we have no rules.
In the unlikely event some sort of agreement is effective the president a.i.
is allowed to change what is there or grant dispensation.

That brings me to the price of a decent SWA.
The poor camera I showed you earlier on was not good enough for you.
I understand that because it will have to fit in with your other gems.
That user camera was sold in the end for only 410 euro.
Not one to win a contest with but still a Supreme Wide Angle in working condition.

I do not mind selling my excellent SWA for half price.
As long as I may have the privilege to set the price of course.

In the meantime I have found all spares to give a 1600 F a complete new shell.
Not a facelift but a complete new outershell with all those funny little fittings.
Very tempting to safe those parts for one of my 1600F cameras.....