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Bay 50 filter and shade mount


New Member
I am fairly new to hasselblad.

I am wondering if both a bay 50 filter and the bay 50 shade can be mounted simultaneously.

I never take my camera out without some sort of protective filter. I think the photographic negatives are outweighed by the protection it gives my lens. Do you agree or disagree? Any bad experiences?

The answer is yes. The lens shade goes on the outer lens bayonet, the filter goes in the inner lens bayonet.

In theory, and perhaps under certain unfavourable circumstances, a filter on the lens can affect the performance of the lens (a plane parallel piece of glass does act like a (poor) very weak lens too) and can give rise to extra reflection/haze.
But i'm with you: the protection a filter offers is important too, and most of the time, you can't see any ill effect the filter has even when you try, and try hard.
Hey Qnu, why do I see B57 on things when the description of the item says that they have a 50mm bayonet mount?

Thanks in advance.