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New Member
Sorry to ask this as I think that it has been asked already many times before ( I simply couldn't find any result with the 'battery' search), but I've just got a brand-new EL/M... without its rechargeable batteries (but I have the original charger). May I ask to the experienced users of this kind of camera what kind of battery do I have to look for? Is there any reliable source for this kind of battery?

Thank you for your help,

Stefano Pasini
Many have given up on the nicads and gone to a conversion kit that allows you to use regular alkaline batteries. At least one kit I saw simply allows you to put alkalines in a plastic "holder" that mimics the size of the original nicads. There are others. The later motor drive hassys went to alkalines direct from the factory (such as my 553/ELX). The alkalines last a lot longer, are a lot cheaper, and are easier to replace than the nicads. Ebay has conversion kits fairly regularly (search for "hasselblad" & "battery" ) for $30-40.
If you just got the ELM, you will sooner or later want to set up the camera but trigger it from somplace else ( to avoid scaring animals, etc) . Look around for the electric shutter release cables ( there are 2 types: one plugs in the front, the other off the back side). They come in a variety of lenghts ... some quite long. There is also a gentleman on Ebay who has been modifying a Polaroid radio control to work with Hasselblad (and other cameras) that you may find useful ( you can also get the more expensive Radio Slave or Pocketwizard as well) . For some "bird" shots I set up the camera near a feeder outside the house, then go back in and watch from a nearby window.

Also seeking for help on batteries for Blad 500 EL...

Once, I found somewhere on the net a simple adapter for my camera that would take one 9 volts battery...

Where is that gear??

Dario Silva
I just purchased a 9V adapter from Powersource called the H9V. It has an insert that is the size of a battery and you attach a 9v battery to its connectors. It works very well. In looking at it however, you could simply solder a 9V battery connector to the + and - of the camera.

Ted Felton

Be careful for the 9V adapters with 9V lithiums. According to the Hasselblad 500ELX manual I've got, the circuit is running 6V with a 1.6A fuse. That's why I bought an adapter which uses CRP2.

Hi All,
Does anyone know what the output voltage and current ratings are on the original ELM charger?
My battery is working OK, but my charger is 120 volts and the electricity supply here (France) is 220V. I'm looking to use a generic charger with the right ratings. Alternatively, if anyone has a 220 charger for sale?
Regards to all, Gerard
I think a step up / step down unit from 120 to 220 volt would be cheaper and you would be able to use it for other 120 volt assercories while you are in 220 volt country - ruben
Thanks Ruben, in fact I have a multi voltage charger, and didn't want to do any harm by trying, say 7,5 volts. I don't have a transformer at the moment to step down to 120 volts though. (we are also on 50 cycles here, but I agree that it would work)
Thanks again, Gerard

Most (if not all) of the battery chargers for the EL/M have a switch on the back of the unit, near the plug, that you can set to either 120 volts or 240 volts. Have you checked to see if yours has this switch?

David S. Odess

Factory trained Hasselblad technician
Thanks David, but not mine (although it looks modified) and the plugs here don't look at all like yours in the states. Fortunately, I've found a solution using a constant current charger, (for model cars) and monitoring the voltage. A bit fiddly, but it works well!
Thanks to all for the input, Gerard