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Batch WB correction in FlexColor


Can someone please describe for me the steps from I have loaded my images into flexcolor and want to do a batch wb correction?

I can double click one picture, correct it, and then export as tiff. But I can't find out how to do it in batches. Can someone please explain?

Is the problem selecting more than one picture? To do that, hold the cmd key (Mac) and single click each picture.

I was too lazy and the documentation was too poor for me to learn more than the basics of Flexcolor. I download into flexcolor and export dng to Light Room for processing and printing, with a side trip to CS3.

I can select the photos I want (yes, on a Mac luckily!), but then what do I do? If I double click them, I just open the single photo I click on. I can choose modify or save.

See, I want to do the wb correction in FlexColor since I want to do it before I export to tiff, cause Aperture doesn't except dng unlike Lightroom.

Hi Marcus Bring up an image in the main window and apply your corrections. Then in the scratchpad select that image plus all the others that you wish to apply the same settings (WB USM etc) to and click the "modify" button. Click on the little arrow in the next dialogue and you can choose which of the settings to apply (you might just want to "check all") Make sure it says "update default setup/current image" then hit O.K and all those images will have those settings applied. Hope that makes sense. Nick-T