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Backs 666454470mm35mm


New Member
Hi I read in the medium format manual that there was a 35mm back for the Hasselblad. Is this tru and does anyone have a list of all the backs made ? I gave up a Bronica for Hassleblad and miss a 135 back. Thanks, Mark
> Try getting the Hasselblad System Compendium by Nordin. It is accurate > up through the late 1990's. There is a chapter on the regular "backs" > as well as the "special order".

I think your 35mm might be a "special order" A2035 (pg 175) for making 24x56mm negs on 35mm film..
> The 35 mm magazine for hasselblad is made to provide you with a vertical 24*56mm format. These magazines are rare and if they happen to show up on an auction site they are not cheap either. The last that I saw went for something around 500 Euros if I remember it right.