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Backreset problem 500 CM


New Member
I'm a new hasselblad owner of a used 500 C that was factory converted to C/M (either that or it's one of those early 500 C/M but it was made in 1972.

anyways I'm sure once i load film in it it should be fine but, with the won't reset when I remove the canister holder part...I figured it would and I could fire the shutter even when there's no film, ..which I did when I got it until it reached past 12. so I'm guessing it won't restart til I load film in it...does this seem right? I don't wanna load my film and not have it reset and be able to go to #1
Does your back have, on the counter side, a foldable, black crank, or a chromed key ring, halves of which fold up?

I suspect your back has the latter (chrome key), making it a non-automatic (!) 12 back, rather than a A12 automatic back. There's also the possibility of a non-foldable crank attached to the wind key; still a sign of the non-automatic 12 back.
The older non-automatic 12 backs do not have the automatic counter resetting feature. The counter is reset, after loading film, by turning the chrome key anti-clockwise.

Loading is different too. Using the non-automatic back, you spool the film onto the holder, and insert the thing into the shell. Next you must open the peep-hole cover on the back's back, and while peeping turn the chrome key clockwise until you see the number "1" on the film's paper backing appear. Then you close the peephole, reset the counter to "1" as described above, and away you go.