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Aviability of standard view finder for 203FE


Yes I like the standard viewfinder ! When I got my second hand 202FA the prize was low perhaps because not viewfinder was included. The viewfinder for 202 or 203 or 205 is a little different from 500 ones. The other viewfinder cann not be fitted on this body without modifications. SO I bought a dead 2000FC only to get a viewfinder to modify.
Now I saw an interesting offer for a black 203FE ....without viewfinder.....

I call to shops and they said that this viewfinder is no more aviable new. (New was realy expensive BTW) so in second hand it will realy be hight and hard to find !
Nothing was mooving at all. I oppened it: and I succed to repair a piece of metal and now it turn and displace films. So it turn turn but does not charge the curtain. This winter I have to take my time again to remove a part "full of springs and fury signifiying nothing" without any drawing.
Any help welcome !

The curtains are Ok that important. Perhaps the second goal is to find an original way to drive a electrical trigger signal for the CFV back (like the ELD). After opening the 2000FC I thinks it's must be realy eazy to add a wire to the good place.

I'm not in a hurry because I have 4 working bodies.

Tonight I will watch again. Any way before to repair this one I have one Leica CL one Leica M2 and 2 olds motorcycles to finish for my winter nights !
Ok I tried yesterday, it never stop to load the curtain, it turns and turns "from day to to days to the last silyble of recorded time".