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Autoportrait with 501 CM how to

I have one practical question.
My friend has HB 500 series and the release can be fixed with a small backstop.
I have not found possibility how can I make this with 501 CM body and 80/2,8 lens.

Can you explain me if is by 501 CM possible to make self-release?


Instead of the locking lever round the release button, a locking cable release can be used.
That's easy enough.

It's harder to find a replacement for the self timer that was in C lenses, but no longer in later versions.
There are separate self timer units that can be screwed in the release button or a cable release adapter.
What you need to watch for with these units is that the throw of the release pin is neither too long or too short, and that they keep the release the pin out for long enough.