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Architectural grid screens


I have never used a grid screen, even though I have a 501cm I guess the previous owner switched it before selling.
Anyone have opinions on how effective they whether they are worth the extra dollars, are they still even made?.
How much is fair price for a mint one, or a new one, they seem to be very popular screens.
Best thing ever, I personally love it, really great, great for any kind of foto. Dont know the price now, look in ebay. Kind regards Sergio
Useful for horizontal horizons, too. It used to be possible to get a thin plastic grid overlay for the screen - much cheaper than a new (or used) screen.
I am hoping to get the split image type where a double image comes together when you focus, like a full screen rangefinder, what is the exact name of these screens, are they simply split image grid screens or are some only in the small circular area, where the focusing is acheived.
What you may be referring to is part number 42217, a split-image grid screen (acute-matte D). The split-screen range-finder occupies the centre spot of the screen. I have never heard of a full-screen rangefinder for Hasselblad and it would be hard to imagine it!