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Aperture 2.0 and 3FR!


Aperture 2 is upon us. And it seems to be compatible with 3FR files! However, on the RAW support page at Apple is says the it supports the CF 22 and 39 backs? No CFV?
Does it even matter, especially if I use a card reader?

I'm really excited about this. I hope I don't have to use Flexcolor anymore.


According to HASSELBLAD , the new software PHOCUS , shall be available at the end of February and will replace FLEXCOLOR . And it is for free .
The surface looks a bit like ADOBE LIGHTROOM .
Why don't you just wait and see , what PHOCUS will bring us ?

I will probably try Phocus as well. However, I love Aperture and I would love to be able to use the same software for my M8 and CFV. The Aperture upgrade is only around 100 Euros here in Denmark, which is definitly worth it.

Is there any difference in the files stored from the CF and CFV back once their on the CF card, which could prohibit the software from working with CFV made files?
OK, thanks for the info. Maybe I should get it then. I have a trial that i havent tried on my MB Pro, but I think it's not the newest version. It would be great to test it first. Sorry for the stupid question, but what is CFV?
CFV is Hasselblads digital back dedicated for the V system. It shoots 16MP .3FR files. I assume these files are the same for all Hasselblad digibacks.