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Anyone uselike the metered advanced knob



Anyone use this device?
I picked one up, it looks new and the meter seems pretty close.

Anyone use one of these? Any problems with it?

I am not sure which to keep the 45° metered prism, or this focus knob.

I do like using the waistlevel finder... and this knob will let me use it.

But then again I do have a Minolta meter with spot attachment...
Yes, i have (used) this meter.

It is fairly easy to use, a good deal smaller than the 'usual' hand-held meters.
But not quite accurate in lowish light levels.

As for keeping: just keep both.
The meter knobs do not sell for much. Less than the joy of having and even only occasionally using it brings.
But do carry your Minolta!

The metered prism, what type is it?
But again, having one and being able to use one on those occassions on which you so wish is probably worth more than what it will sell for.

So i'd keep both.