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Anyone use a quantum radio slave with their hasselblad



I have been using my radio slave 4 which has a standard flash shoe on my Minolta camera, direct to the hot shoe of the camera. This works perfect.

Now that I have a hasselblad, I don't have a hot shoe.

How are people adapting radio slaves?
on the left side of your Hasselblad there is a device made to adapt accessoires like a spireit level or a hot shoe or actualle a cold hot shoe - anyway your radioslave will fit this and then you can use a small cable to the flash socket on the lens. I there is no calbe socket in the slave you can ad an extra shoe in betwen that has the Hot thing towards your slave - and a socket for the cable to the side but no hot thing were it meets the shoe mounted on the hasselblad. Hama makes these "hot shoes with cable sockets" - man this is early in the morning and it is turning almost in to Engrish - hope you get the meaning of this :) cheers Ruben
I need to see if Quantum makes a cable for my sender direct to a PC cord.

I see that they have a Hasselblad cord, but I am not sure which style of lens it fits.

Did hasselblad ever change the lens PC terminal?
Maybe a screw in type?

My older lenses have a push on type PC cord connector
The PC connector is the plain old standard one. So you can use any cable that has a PC connector.

There is a difference in the surrounding of the terminal though, with newer versions having better grip, making the connection more secure.
The latest version (CFi/CFE lenses) have a spring loaded clip that holds the connector in place.