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Anybody interested in a FAST xpan lens

Hi, I'm just trying to find out how large the interest in a fast, say 2.0 or 1.4 35mm lens for the x-pan would be. Of course it couldn't be built to cover the panoramic format at that aperture, but even if it covered just the 35mm-format I think it would be a GREAT addendum. With an x-pan, a 90/4, a 45/4 and a 35/2 I would leave my Leicas at home. What are your thoughts?
Absolutely, I will never have to lug my G2s ! With these lenses that you recommend, The only other thing what i would carry is my Nikon with my sigma 180mm macro. Well... can Hassi make a macro lens too (very similar to the rangefinder macro lens that nikon had made once upon a time) , that fits on the X-pan ! then, I can sell all my equip ! and travel atleast 5 Kg Lighter !!!! wow..
I fully agree with Vijay, should there be a XPan-lense 1,4/50mm with macro hen I could get rid of a lot of heavy and expensive equipment. I only hope, that somebody competent from Hasselblad reads our comments. Peter.
> [This subject came up once before on either this list or the RF list. That time, it concerned, if my aged memory serves, adapting the CV lenses to the Xpan. Don't know what came of that, but it is a good idea. This would be a great thing for the clever people at CV, who seem to like challenges and underdogs. It is highly improbable that Hasselblad or Fuji would do this, by combination of limited market and potential problems of unsophisticated users that try to get panoramas with these lenses.]
Just had a brief exchange with Stephen Gandy on the topic, suggesting he should
contact Mr. Kobayashi of Cosina Voigtländer in regard. Here is the information
he supplied:

Hi Lutz,

the XPAN mount is patent protected. no other manufacturers can make XPan lenses
w/o Fuji approval, and that is not going to happen.


Hmmm, then I guess Fuji has to be contacted directly. Does anybody have a name,
I definitely want this -- 35 or 50mm, 1.4 or 2.0. Fuji must have a basic optical design that simply needs to be adapted?
I think it would be great, but the problem is the XPan is basically using MF lenses for 35mm film. A 1.4 lens suitable for pan mode is going to be LARGE & HEAVY. Personally, I'd be willing to lug it around ( I almost bought an old Canon camera with a F0.9 the other looked like a cup saucer), but I wonder if everyone would be willing?
Well, as in my original post, I know it couldn't cover the pano format at these speeds, but it would multiply the usefulness of the system all the same. The question can only be, would users be willing to memorize that these fast lenses were restricted to the normal 35mm format? I think Fuji/Hasselblad are really missing an oportunity here to enlarge their market share.
Agree that it is fine if the fast lens doesn't work in pano mode. The current lens line up is fine for pano.
Another option with Zörk adaptor and Medium Format Lense.
I am not sure if Zörk does make an adapor for the XPan, so you could use a MF lense from Mamia,Hasselblad,Fuji or Contax on your XPan.

But it probably does not make sense, get a proper MF Camera instead and crop your panaroma format.