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Any collectors or know about the versions of lenses



Someone e-mailed me and told me my 80mm and 150mm lenses are rare.
They are chrome the coatings are purple and the letters are engraved, not painted..

I am selling these to pay for black *T lenses, cause I thought they were better. I am a shooter, not a collector.

Should I just hang on to these chrome lenses?
I'm sorry, but single coated chrome C lenses are anything but rare.
Your 1593[etc] 150 mm lens (though as a chrome C 150 mm lens not rare) is a bit special, in that it is one of the first batch of C 150 mm lenses produced in 1956 (Thank you again, Richard Nordin, for your excellent book!).

T* multi coating offers a slight improvement offer single coating, but if you always use a lens hood you will not notice.

If your lenses still work fine, hang on to them.
What about the 80mm lenses with different amounts of lens elements?

Old ones had 6 and new ones have 7 ????
Something along these lines
Yes indeed, the first Planars had 1 less element. They perhaps are rare, though they were made for 3-4 years.
Your Planar is one of those.
I am just posting an update to this thread....

I sold both of those "rare" chrome lenses..
Made enough money to buy 2 used Black T lenses
Money to pay to have the shutters serviced and glass cleaned..
And even had some spare cash to go towards my 40mm lens...