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Another CFV finds a home!

Hi guys! I am happy to report that my new CFV arrived at my door yesterday evening. I ordered it from B&H on Friday, Feb 22, and UPS delivered it Monday, Feb 25 (standard ground shipping). That's what I call service! I spent the evening unwrapping all the parts, downloading the software, and reading the PDF instruction manual, while the battery charged away. This thing is a real work of art!
Hasselblad and B&H did commendable jobs of packaging. As a customer, I was even more excited since I got more than what I figured on.
1. I got a Sand Disk exIII 2 GB card instead of the anticipated 1 GB card. I had purchased four 4GB ExIII cards along with the back, so I should have plenty of disk space for those extended trips in the field.
2. The back also came bundled with a Sony lithium battery AND charger. I didn't expect either, and had plans to buy them at my local Radio Shack. I will still buy 1-2 more batteries, plus one extra charger though. It doesn't do me any good to have that many memory cards if I don't have enough battery power to use them all.

Two smaller things I had some issues with -
1. The bundled focusing screen with the etched CFV square has a split-image rangefinder surrounded by a microprism collar. I HATE these things. Yes, I know they're supposed to be focusing aids, but they get in my way more than anything. But this problem was solved last night - I have some Formal Line vinyl tape 1/64". You can buy this stuff at art supply stores here in the US. It's the same thickness as the etched lines on other screens. So I used the new screen as a template, and applied the tape to my older Accute Matte screen to match. So now, my older plain screen is marked off accordingly for the CFV, and I will just continue to use it.

2. The instruction manual is a PDF document on a CD. That's fine when I am at home, and can sit in front of my monitor to read. That, by itself, does me no good when I'm in the field. What I need there is a booklet form where I can easily access all instructions as I need them. What I'll end up doing here is printing off the pdf document to take with me. It'll work.

Those two points aside, I am thrilled as can be, and cannot wait to actually know enough about operating this instrument so I can take a picture with it!!
I look forward to posting and sharing some of my first images with all of you.
I am sure I will have loads of questions once in use, and I am honored to be a part of this group, where everyone is so willing to share what they know.
Michael H. Cothran
Hello Michael,

I wish you lots of fun and many good pictures with the CFV back.
B&H seems to have done a good job to get you started with batteries and a charger and an extra large memory card.

Focussingscreens are strictly a personal matter.
As far as I know there is only one screen that does not have any markings.
That is the rare optofiber screen, an early attempt to make a brighter screen.

I agree that an old fashioned booklet as a manual is a great help on the job.
The last series 503CW were also supplied with a CD rom manual in stead of
a printed sample.

Hi Michael,

congratulation to your new tool! I am still thrilled ervery time i am using it even though i own it for quite a while now. :)
Your are lucky - here in Germany the Batterie and charger were not included in the package (503CWD annversary kit).

Greetings Andy

Congratulations and a warm welcome in the CFV BACK world . I am looking forward to see your first images and hear about your experiences .

Regards Jürgen