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Aftermarket Eye-Cups for PME51 Metered Prism Found


New Member
My first post.

I picked up a 503CW with a PME51 a couple days ago. The PME51 has an eyepiece but no eye-cup. I noticed metering shifts with light creeping into the viewfinder in bright ambient light. Then I was horrified by the prices for OEM and aftermarket eye-cups. (OK, I am actually horrified by all Hasselblad pricing, but that's another issue.)

Thirty minutes of web searching came up with these. I am in USA. Got them from Amazon, delivered in one day. I haven't boned up on the terms here, so I am only giving the item description and the Amazon stock number at this time. They're just a wee bit loose, but have a lip to help hold them under the eyepiece lip. Eight dollars for two!

The eye-relief without glasses is 100% spot-on for me. I can see the whole view and I have no light pollution getting in through the eyepiece. I am unsure if these can be easily rolled down for those with glasses, but a little time with a sharp knife would work too.

LTKJ 2PCS 34 mm Inner Diameter Eye Guards Microscope Telescope Eyepiece Eye Piece 32-35mm Rubber Eye Cups​


I will now take time to browse this forum. I hope I was of some help for others.