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AF error

Receiving an auto focus error on my H1 with a Phase One P20 back...the error is 82:1

It will not allow me to use any lens or reset the system. Cannot use the camera (of course it's in the middle of a shoot)
The only thing I can suggest is remove the battery and wait 5 minutes before you plug it in again.
Be sure the battery has at least 50% of its capacity while it is being used.
Less power reserve may cause problems.
Did all luck. I then rented an H1 back, put my batteries in it and it worked just fine with my lenses which indicates that the problem is with my H1 body. I promptly sent it to Hasselblad and am waiting word on how much it will cost to fix it.

Also waiting on the arrival of the Nikon D3x ... tired of this MF camera breaking down all the time.
Please note some early lenses may need an update to perform well on later bodies.
It makes sense to discuss the problems you are having with Hasselblad in your country New Jersey for USA or Elstree for the U.K.

Whatever people think of the H series it is a good an reliable system as long as you observe some guidelines.
One of them is changing batteries for fully charged ones as soon as they have lost about 50% of their capacity.