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Adobe photoshop Lightroom does not read fff files


I can’t seem to open up files in Adobe light room or Photoshop, when trying to open from a card reader. I’ve tried using the CFV back tethered to my wife’s Mac through flex color and seems to work ok, (only always gives me the option to save the images as tiffs or jpegs , though no DNG option)?
The card reader shows that the files are there as .fff, do I have to convert the files before opening them in Adobe? I thought you could download them straight to Adobe software?
The CFV files are propritary RAW files and must be opened in Flexcolor first. You cannot open them directly in Photoshop, Lightroom or any other 3rd party software.


Put your CF card in a reader and when the card shows up on your desk-top open it and transfer all the files into a new file on your desktop. This is done because card readers slow down processing speed.

Then eject the CF card and set it aside just in case.

Open Flexcolor. Import those 3F files into Flexcolor: Window in the top menu > scroll to ans select Import (an Import window will open), In the very top right corner select the desk-top file you created for the 3F files. All the files will then be displayed in that import window.

Edit out the junk: Select - Delete. Then select ALL of the remaining keepers so they are highlighted. You must select any files that are to be converted to DNG files.

In the top right corner of that Import window there is a small box marked (Exp. DNG), click on that, and create/select a new desktop folder to place the DNG conversions in ... then hit okay and that's it. It's pretty quick in doing the conversions.

Close Flexcolor, and open Photoshop, then open Bridge. Select that new DNG desktop file and all the images will appear for Adobe Camera RAW processing, which I presume you are familiar with.

There is a new magzine called VICTOR BY HASSELBLAD . If you go to the HASSELBLAD webpage , you can see what i mean , but you can not find the (complete) article i want to refer to .
If you can have a look into this magazine , you will find a detailed article about the workflow from any HASSELBLAD BACK through FLEXCOLOR to DNG and/or TIFF files .
You will find that article on page 33/34 .
The formats are : 3FR ---> 3F (fff) ---> DNG or 3FR --->3F (fff) ---> TIFF

Both DNG and TIFF can be opened by PSCS .
Good magazine, unfortunately I don't have access to any back issues, wish I did.
Does anybody know of any links on flexcolour for help/tutorials, I have no information on the program or local help; I don't want to keep bombarding people with silly little questions?
Really need to know how to set up a color profile?
Paul, I have every pdf Hasselblad Worksheet published, including one for thethered workflow and another for Unthethered workflow.

Each is under 5 meg, so I could possibly e-mail one at a time to you if your e-mail will accept them. let me know: