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Adapters for Bay60


New Member
First I would like to thank everyone for answering ?'s posted here. I am in the middle of trying to figure a few purchases out and appreciate the help.

My question was about a bay 60 to 62mm adapter. This would help me save some cash but are there drawbacks (flare, vignetting, etc) when using these? I am hoping the answer is no since it will save me a bundle in the end (I do shoot 35mm also)

Thanks for everything

62 mm filters are too small. If going the adapter-route, get the bayonet 60 to 67 mm adapter instead.

Drawbacks? There should be none (but make sure the regular lenshoods still fit over the adapter).

Thanks again for your help! 67mm doesnt fit with the shade. I borrowed a 62 from my shop and will see if I have problems. Thanks again!