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Acute Matt Focusing Screens


New Member
Hello all !

Could someone please advise me on the difference between an Acute Matt 42165 and a 42204 Screen ...

Many Thanks,

Hi Richard,

> Could someone please advise me on the difference between an Acute Matt > 42165 and a 42204 Screen ...

Looks like 39 to me.


Indeed ,

Austins calculation is correct . :)

But there is an other difference .

The ACUTE MATTE 42165 is the "base" screen , with just cross lines in the center of the screen .
The ACUTE MATTE D 42204 is the base screen of the ACUTE MATTE D serie .
Also just a cross in the center of the screen .
As far as I know , the D SERIE screens are brighter .

Regards jürgen
hello richard, I just got a acute-matte splite-image with grid.
i have the 42204 which is acute-matte D. according to hasseleblad the screen is made for them by minolta. the D has a significant improvement in briteness and a more even image contrast.
I don't know where you guys see that (even significant) change in brightness between Acute Matte and Acute Matte D screens.
To me, there's not much in it, if anything at all.

The Acute Matte screens suffer a bit from not being plain diffusing ground glass screens, being a rather intricate optical device instead.
The result of that is that - though much brighter than the old screens - these screens have worse contrast (between in and out of focus bits), give a rather false rendition of out of focus bits, and lack a definite image plane.
This is improved a bit in the D screen by making it a bit more like a 'plain old' diffusing screen again.
> Hello Q.G., What you described is one reason I started to use Bill Maxwell's Hi-Lux screens. I find that the Hi-Lux screen have very good contrast which aid in focuing and the split-image and microprism center further affirms the correct focus as well.

I haven't try the new 'D' version - didn't know it even exist.

Thanks for the info, I think I'll stick with the Maxwell screens.


I don't know about the Hi-Lux screens (although I drive a Toyota Hilux Surf) - how do they affect exposure measurements by PME51 and PME45s - i.e. which one needs no compensation?
Thanks to all for their expertise on this subject

Best Regards,