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Accessory Shutter Problems



I bought a Hasselblad 500 CM body/a12 combo off of Ebay this summer. A couple of weeks later I bought a wonderful 80mm 2.8 Zeiss.

I ran several rolls of film through and self souped them and they came out with questionable contrast and exposure. I assumed this was due to my lack of lab equipment when mixing my chemistry. So I tried a roll of color and everything was great except for a light leak (the back is shitty). So I started taping the darkslide slot shut every time I took a roll. This seemed to work so now fast forward to the beginning of December.

December 2nd I shot a parade in the area. I took the film home it sat in the back for a couple of days with 4 frames remaining. I shot the last four and brought them to a developer because I didn't want to soup anything until I got my chemistry right.

The negatives came back or I should say 3 frames came back the rest was totally blank. I'm baffled.

Here is what I think happened in order of probability.

1.) Lab screwed up
1.) Accessory shutter problem?
2.) Lens problem

I need advice. Are there common problems involving skipped frames when the accessory shutter opens after the lense shutter fires? I can only visually inspect shutter speeds to 1/15th and those speeds on down seem ok. Nobody around here will touch it without charging me tons.

All of the photos at the parade were taken with the same EV and same settings really, all in a 30 minute period. Some of those turned out one or two of them.

I did notice one problem with the lens or body. When I press the mirror release under the wind knob the shutter is open. I assumed the mirror release was to kill mirror shake on long exposures so the shutter should still be shut when its pressed right?

Anyway thanks for your help sorry this took such a lot of writing to accomplish!

Hard to tell, but it sounds like the lubricants in the lens (shutter) are old, have gummed up, couldn't take the december cold.

Take the back off, point the camera towards a window, look through the rear, at the lens, and fire the shutter a number of times.
Do that at all shutter speeds, several times at each.
You should see the shutter and diaphragm open and close.
Any irregularity will confirm that the shutter needs a good CLA.