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Accessory rail to shoe mount adapter?


Are there any adapters/shims that will allow accessory shoe intended accessories (like VC meter) to be mounted on the 500 cameras via the accessory rail?


If you mean can the accesorry rail be converted to a flash shoe the answer is yes.
You will need part 43125, the adjustable flash shoe, to make that happen.
This item is offered quite often at ebay around 15-25 euro.
I am not sure if it is still part of the current stock of the V system.

Spirit level and flash. That's all.

If you put the flash directly there, the light is not good. This for I modified a flash to be fitted verticaly on this rail. this pichture shows all my "flash" modifications needed for weddings:

Special "rapid" plate; modified Rollei flash for motorcycle's battery; pistol grip for Metz 45; PM5 with TTL-flashmeter and flash to fix on rail camera.

Perhaps not a beauty but it worked for years !

I have other idea that will be realized if I buy a CFV... or CFV II
Now, I'm concerned by my Leica M8.

Thanks a bunch. That's just what I meant. I just want to put my VC meter on the body and I think this will do.